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AyeBZ has started a donation pool!
640 / 650
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Gimme points!!!

Every point counts!

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Donate any amount of points from the kindness of your heart! And be featured here FOREVER!

Please note: DONATE So if you bought something and paid here at the donation box, it doesn't quite count as donating X3

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Very Generous People!

quintanillac Brais-the-armaldo EeveeProtect RocketchuGirl98 AlphaPrimeDX Primaltimediamond Pikaturtle SapphireDragon6

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Please refer to this journal for a more elaborate information on the commisions ^^

Commission Guide
1. ///open slot///
2. ///open slot///
3. ///open slot///
Chibi --- 2$ or 200 points
Headshot --- 2$ or 200 points
Full Body (No background/Plain Background) --- 5$ or 500 points
If you have any questions, just ask! ^^

Need examples of my art? Check out my gallery!

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Pixel Collection!

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Follow me and keep in touch outside of deviantArt <3

Oh, and Don't Click Here!


I am need of a lil cash XD
Gimme $ imma give ye points

So I am legit back from hiatus and imma try to get some art done when i get home. My eyes still kinda sting a bit after practically mourning for my soul pffft lmfao somebody pray for my non-existent soul :U
Midterms are almost over. I feel like crap.


He makes covers of anime music, typical chart music, etc. Oh, and I believe he plans to make let's plays too!

It would be really awesome if you could help him improve in his musical journey, giving him points and advices here and there, because, hey, nobody's perfect. Any type of support is appreciated ^^

Thank you, all of you in advance!

I may be feeling shit, but it would AWESOME if you could support my friendo in anyway possible! It won't lessen my shittyness, but woooo at least someone else can have a good a day : D

I don't know if I can ge back to drawing yet, but I sure do miss everyone here ;v;

Anyone wanna skype? Chat? Voice chat?
Haha... 8 hours from this status and I'll be online again. Anyone? ;;u;;
I'm gonna be in hiatus for a bit while I die for the upcoming midterms. My brain is crap, my soul is dead, but my shitty heart is still beating. Someone help //shot
I just finished watching Btooom! And that's like, what, the first anime I've seen in 2017... what will I do with the remnants of my life now? Ugh. I don't wanna do homework. Help. I don't know what to do with my life anymore ._.
Looking for people to commission!
I have more than a thousand points to spare. Link me commish prices u_u

Artist Feature

Mon Jan 30, 2017, 4:29 AM
The first 10 people to comment on this journal will get three deviations I like most from their gallery featured!
*BUT you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in one of the slots before I'll add yours in!*

1. animaloftheelements - I dunno how long I've been your watcher, but hot damn, ur art is cute, adorable, insanely badass, and extremely detailed, like wtf maaaan how do you do these XD teach me damn it >:U

CE: Ethanael by animaloftheelements Prize: Chaotic Chibi Sticker by animaloftheelements CE: The Traveler by animaloftheelements

2. Pikaturtle - She has this awesome comic series that is just so fun to read! Like, dudes, her dedication to this and basically anything she does, is just MIND BLOWING. Wish I had her enthusiasm and passion for my stuff too ._. but I don't haha. So be sure to go check her out! Get READING, Bros! It is worth eet >:V
Chapter 1: The Childhood: pg: 80 by Pikaturtle  Crack Pairing Meme With Eevly and Stark! by Pikaturtle SA: Will You Be Mine? by Pikaturtle

3. BubblezwithaZ - One of my oh-so longest friend here on dA, and since then, I've been watching her slowly grow on the net. She is in YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc. pretty much most of the websites I visit, and man is her content so rad, innocent, and just straight up free-spirited! We've had our struggles, mentally and emotionally mostly, but if you go check, Bubz' page you'll see her undying effort and sheer awesomeness seeping out through her work, like my god, look at my fave animations from her just, just ah, just check her out! you won't regret a thing!
Bubblez Likes Tables. by BubblezwithaZ  Greatest Magikarp Gif Ever by BubblezwithaZ  Happy Birthday Ernis! by BubblezwithaZ  Bubblez Morph - Animation by BubblezwithaZ


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